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Christine’s moving to Toronto… so that’s pretty much it


DC Comics’ Fables lands a director for big-screen adaptation

DC Comics is set to expand its movie universe, following the announcement that long-running comic-book series Fables is to become a feature film…

I cannot emphasize enough how excited I am for a Fables movie

Film Criticism Is a Really Nerdy Boys’ Club, Study Finds 


Christine and I just finished recording podcast #3 about comic book movies!


Curious about the special effects process in Jet Ranger of Another Tomorrow? Here is a bit of a break down from one of the more complicated scenes!

A bunch of our friends filmed this right here in Ottawa! It’s super funny and really well done so check it out! 

Oh my god all my feels

Oh my god all my feels

Trevor Slattary - best of

So Ben Kingsley won Iron Man 3

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Spent the weekend working the Silver Snail booth at Ottawa Comic Con! And Christine and I should be recording our comic book movie podcast this week!


Mondo does IRON MAN 3!

Yayayayayaa! gonna go see this a whole bunch

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